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  • User namespace and kernel capability

    A lot of kernel reachable code is only available from an already-privileged user. To restrict features for unprivileged user, the kernel generally uses capabilities. Ubuntu enabled unprivileged user namespace by default, which gives kernel exploit more attack surface. Nowadays most kernel modules are guarded by different capabilities, such as CAP_NET_ADMIN, CAP_NET_RAW. To trigger a vulnerability that…

  • Switch Dashlane to Bitwarden

    I’ve been using Dashlane for years, it’s the best password management software I ever used, even when I made the decision that migrating all my passwords to Bitwarden, I still believe no other password management software can compete with Dashlane. So why did I abandon Dashlane anyway and embrace an ugly, incomplete, open-source password management…

  • Universal heap spraying strategy – userfaultfd + setxattr

    I read a post about a new heap spraying strategy by Vitaly Nikolenko a few weeks ago. It utilizes userfaultfd+setxattr to spray arbitrary size data on the heap. Since I didn’t find any existed code snippets of this new strategy, I’d like to write a demonstration and share it with the public.

  • [kernel pwn] CVE-2017-7184复现


  • GPGTools+SSH+Yubikey+MacOS中文教程